The court is compelled to extol the virtues of selecting a reputable and seasoned real estate group, one enriched by a distinguished history of successes in the domain of bankruptcy real estate sales. This decision, ultimately, augments the strategic arsenal and heralds the prospect of a harmonious, efficient, and successful sale process, commencing from the initial listing to the conclusion of transaction.

We understand the nuances of court confirmation and overbid.

From the Statement of Disinterestedness to the application of employment we are ready to move quickly.

Comprehensive Asset Assessments

Insolvency professionals who can be working in on more than 100 cases at a time, do not have the time or where with all to teach a new real estate agent the ropes. We are typically engaged to sell properties in Bankruptcy because insolvency professionals know that we can handle Chapter11, where a debtor is in possession of a property or Chapter 7 where the Trustee is in full control.

We are involved in all aspects of the sales process.

This provides an invaluable resource — access to a decision maker who is skilled at negotiating preferred deal terms and is readily available for consultation.
·       Informing buyers and agents as to the sales process and the role of the Bankruptcy Trustee
·       Dealing with tenants during the marketing process and maintaining cordial relationships so that revenues remain stable
Engaging the services of this esteemed real estate group for bankruptcy real estate sales presents a prudent course of action, fortified by several compelling considerations.

Services Tailored To Your Bankruptcy Matters

We take pride in our long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional results. Our track record and client testimonials speak volumes about the service you can expect from The Seymour | Weinberger Group. WE ARE INVOLVED IN ALL ASPECTS OF THE SALES PROCESS. THIS PROVIDES AN INVALUABLE RESOURCE — ACCESS TO A DECISION MAKER WHO IS SKILLED AT NEGOTIATING PREFERRED DEAL TERMS AND IS READILY AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION.



When it comes to closing sales at a targeted price, few can match our record of success.